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tv   Headline News  RT  January 22, 2014 10:00am-10:30am EST

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it. was. a violent clashes that engulfed central kiev as ukrainian police tear down barricades and chase rioters on a fourth day on to government protests two people have died. the crisis is being fueled by nationalists and radicals keen to take the opportunity to push for revolution that. and also in the headlines syria's government and opposition sit face to face for the first time since the start of the conflict but these start a long anticipated peace talks in switzerland have exposed the parties very different views of the future.
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this is our seem to national coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program. and two people have died in kiev government protests in the ukrainian capital have reached a fourth consecutive day of violence police have toned down barricades in the center of the city and chased down riotous and they were tell a chauffeur testers has been a cool as forceful all season ixia have ski is a k. of for us right now at the same way he reports that security forces are about to storm the city's center again i use seeing any signs of that it's very hard to see anything here in kiev in central kiev right now mostly because the rioters are burning the tires they've been doing so for the past several hours that cloud of black smoke is covering the area we cannot see what is happening at the police lines somewhere else that it right now but the word on the street don't have already seen pictures of that on instagram and twitter that i have the motorized
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vehicle in the v.t.r. as we call them in russia has park behind the police lines just enough to sold me off and also information is becoming from various sources that the police are preparing for the final assault of the riot this to push them off the government of water they've been doing so. during the day on several occasions unsuccessful because the right this respond that happens only to throwing rocks at the police and returning back to the original to the original places but so far we've been hearing that the authorities have urged everyone inside the government order and in central city to leave their buildings in case of a soul top it's the only thing which means now still possible what should the violence in central cuba must by the police because it seems that the riot that's not really stepped up i don't think which way stocks goes to the president of
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ukraine over to the other which leaders of the opposition the meeting which has been going on for more. three hours already and we have no information whatsoever what's that bt to push you to see now it's still very very tense atmosphere with us back to why it works all the folk tales grenades companies coming out of the police so hell breaking loose here and here i witness to first find out the police which was attempting to clear the streets clear the government i just and i filed this report a little thirty a lot. so this is yet another attempt by the police to push the protest this off the governmental quarter they've just started moving as we can see they're covering themselves with shields the protesters the rioters are running back but they're still throwing rocks at the police it is very violent here we see
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that flash bangs are being exploded. from time to time although the police are not resorting to any kind of special mean so far they haven't even youth class bands or non-lethal non-lethal form as far as we could see over here they've been waiting basically for hours for several hours before attempting another another go at the protesters we also heard earlier from the prime minister of ukraine who said that old those writing in the central kiev are considered to be terrorists and we also heard from the some of the officials from behind the barricades from the police lines who could saying that. they will use force if needed and this is the case as we can see right now from our vantage point. the fear of the police are now in full in full swing to get the protesters who are still feeling rocks and and move the foothills at them. we can see this literally
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maybe several hundred policemen. and. there will soon as. can hear banging their shields to give a proper psychological effect so that the protestors make the most head but now we can see there are no protesters remaining at the scene of the riots which have been the scene on the right for the past four days already that said the protesters have been pushed off from the governmental quarter several police lines and you see the one police line the other police line they're now securing the perimeter no major violence as we could see no. major violence from the police in fact i would say no violence from the police at all we can see the cops and the police are not advancing to the independence square which is literally two hundred meters away from here they're not advancing there they're just basically what they're doing they're securing this ground here that the governmental quarter pushed the rioters from the scene and what they're doing the just securing it here now so they have
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quit clearly they're not intending to disperse the big protests the protests that the independence square the one which has been existing for several months already there we have rocks flying at the plant at the police again the protesters the rioters are back are back as we can see and there can also see another wounded person being carried it is getting violent again although this time it's quite clear that the violence is coming from the protesters from the rioters not from the police the police is merely protecting themselves we can see a moment of cocktail there on the ground as well. again most of cocktails are being thrown rocks are being thrown that the police. so this is look this looks like yet another yet another retreat by the police. and the protesters are divorcing again the rioters are bringing tires probably they will burn them and hold them at the police like they've done on several occasions
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already. they're charging they're charging again at the police as we can see drawing down. so all the time. one thing which is starting a lot of fuel to the already lazy boy is the reports that these guys. would. run the risk. of. robert. our correspondent alex alex say a story we can hear properly right now that's why we have to apologize our correspondent alex reporting there from a street in central kiev but our correspondent peter all of us is in camp as well right now closely following the bands as that unfold let's not get the latest from
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him and he said there are reports that hello hello people are growing in numbers that where you are on the streets please remind us again way you are in kiev right now and we'll show you seeing that. well right now i'm between the where the bar kids that we just saw and alexis reports and those barricades that were cleared by place of now being reoccupied on between there and independence square no throughout the day we saw a large numbers of people gathering in both places a large numbers on independence square now what they were doing is as they would rebuilding suring up and arming themselves on barricades at the entrances to to the to the independence square there no we saw lots of people lots of rioters chafing away at the stone work at the paving slabs and things like that to create rocks in some of these rocks will people be making this or their size of the fist if not twice the size of this we've also seen large groups of mosques helmeted sometimes
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wearing homemade body armor. and then and people dressed like us all with their own homemade weapons a lot of them we've seen. this could range from clubs to i am baas to you specifically made shields that have spikes on them so that if they they are in a conflict that they can use that shield actually as a weapon not i take themselves but also to see homemade sling shots that could be used in order to to launch these these rocks that they've been chipping away at the at the riot police now just behind me though this is the. this is the area that was cleared out by by police earlier on the way the state is now well listen wall of fire between the writers and the riot police as they put those tires there's only about thirty meters between the two sides but they can't see one of the other i was just over there before i was talking to you we were having
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a look see what was going on and you can see a single thing at all so the police do because of the thick black smoke so the police do decide that they are going to try and clear this area out once and for all which it seems like they may be well trying to do. they were plotting to do that and it would say that the amount of smoke is surely going to cause some some problems there now when they cleared out that area before i was on the street just where it was happening we were able to to film what went on as the as the riot police moved in to move these rights is off the off the barricades that they've made out of the goods out vehicles but no police vehicles for the previous nights. what we've seen is a series of explosions going off a police police are trying to clear out the squares you can see a lot of people we're going to be moving this way a son it comes the cover can move to the left here yes shoot crowds of people if they're going to try to get away from those barricades that were were up there can i please move again with actually police the move again they're very very. they're
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player pushing back very forcefully here. hopefully we're going to be going to be fine where we are police have moved everybody off the barricade moved everybody away from where they were almost our case yet we're going to have to get inside now we're going to. win hearts and we're going to get inside to get all the way of what's going on this is that. the police have decided that they are they getting rid of and they're clearing out everything that was at those barricades this has been the position of such a a standoff between rioters and the police. of c. the police deciding this that it was time to to put an end to the often see into clear people out we saw a huge wave of people huge huge wave of people fleeing from those barricades and as police try to to disperse stores oh that's. oh that is that is.
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to say a policeman no hitting a somebody who's on the floor right there repeatedly beating that person so yes the police have now cleared out all the way some explosions you can see that we've had to come inside to the hotel which is nearby where those barricades were. in order to to get away from from what was going on. there are some wounded demonstrators some people who'd been beaten as the police have now completely cleared all of that area away this all happened very very quickly it all happened in a space of just a few minutes we heard a few loud explosions i believe they were. they were noisy crates they were flash bang grenades and then a charge by the police which is completely cleared out that whole area of where demonstrators have been in a standoff for the last the last few days but all of this does seem that it's set to continue for a while and we will be trying to get back out there soon as it's safe for us to do
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so to see what's going on on the cage where they were located. but yes it is demonstrators trying to move back into the territory that they were just expelled from by the by the riot police. well that's how it looked earlier on right now we are just expecting and waiting to see more clashes between rioters and riot police we saw many many people driving sacks full of stones making molotov cocktails heading up to that area where i say put police on right is separated by a wall of fire at the moment. these peace how about peace and many thanks indeed for that report and trying to be careful. maybe two months of protests in kiev turned into outright rioting i whether we can and the five day of clashes left over security place wondered and that number has a sense doubled. suffered head injuries stabbings and gas poisoning and financial
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commentator patrick young has the riots is the riots of a few reasonable arguments and compares them turn organized terrorist group. we certainly see a large number of protesters but do they really reflect the viewpoints of the entirety of ukraine well i don't think that's the case intimately we have this tragic situation where the ultras affectively a thuggish element to seem to have links to very extremist politics in many cases i mean some of them are national socialists or fascists some of them probably have some sort of harkening towards communism certainly they're not the sort of normal average everyday people who really can be reasoned with these sorts of people existed all societies the truth is that normally when you have a reasonable rule of law you can manage to keep everything going from day to day on occasions of these sorts of fringes where their views have been inflamed unfortunately by interventions from the european union and the united states of america which i think are wholly unreasonable in the domestic politics of ukraine
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and you will see them try and rise up under dede those people are rather extreme some of them have very very ugly views indeed and of course they're demonstrating it through the violence that they're propagating on the innocent people of kiev and ukraine at this moment is not a huge majority movement demanding change it is all timidly a very well organized terrorist rabble. and when i joined live by a political commentator soon gay a stroke on. let's now wait a second for a moment we had just preparing our guest to go lie with him and this iteration a ukraine is pretty tense now and we are about to talk with our gas on the situation in kiev that we previously had from our correspondents from
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central kiev and right now we can bring you sergei and struck a live promote mr khan welcome when the process first started in kiev and ukraine it was led by people who basically wanted ukraine to turn towards the e.u. now we're seeing a completely different picture radicals destroying the capital and calling for revolution how did it come to that. you're absolutely right and let me tell you that it is an extremely difficult for me to comment on that because i am not only a russian citizen but made to be ukrainian and believe me for me what happened in the last three days. surprise i could have never imagined that such things can ever happen in ukraine which proves that it's all or it's compression. compromise so deal this week they was a belief and i share the belief that your great improve just north that violent the
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very phrase that character what we've seen these days is. this is really suffering we would have very very to do this really is a subject of very big concern for all of us yeah of course and sergei of course we all sharing your believes a nonviolent. come out of this situation but for some time actually ukraine's authorities have been accused of corruption but don't you think that people have a right to push them out. the corruption is one of the process is one of the just going to stand for what is the reason for those prove this but at the same time i don't think that corruption is only one problem which could have triggered those prove to us. from the latest developments is that probably some forces radical forces. just to capitalize on that and.
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on the disk and growing discontent and this is a side and those forces are just trying to fish in troubled waters and this is actually what they are doing now. of course we know that the opposition consists of a various different groups and they're not united they have different views about ukraine's future do you think they will be able to find any kind of consensus they will be able to unite. probably this is the key question for ukraine today because what we've seen obviously is split in the ranks of a position today we see of radicals and we see moderates today we see that damp on the part of radicals just to hijack peaceful protests so in such a situation of course it will be extremely difficult just to find consensus and to understand that what is at stake is not only political ambition all the so that leader but at stake is given a credit choice of ukraine it's
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a sobering day in territorial integrity but obviously this is the most moment of truth for everybody in ukraine where the protests this or that political leaders and also for president going to college obviously want to stand that people i know happy with the situation in ukraine and its economy first and foremost and obviously economic situation in the country triggered. some of the protests here as well and ukraine was traveling to pay its bills even before the unrest how long will it take. state to recover was the process so. obviously you're great in economies and be in a bad shape if not indulge drums but at the same time let me just remind you that those triggered by very unpopular laws which were processed by ukrainian parliament and signed by president putin coalition which was seen as a crackdown on democracy so probably president unocal which. has
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crossed the red line probably someone would disagree with me but. it is quite clear that it was not only the bad shape of ukrainian economy which which just made those people just to accomplish three pts and the voice there and govern discontent how do you think they found rest will fade out much like into last year where protests were pretty similar in their nature. wow each country has its own history of the protests and they mean the process so as i said what we've seen today the this is completely unexpected for us and i don't think that anyone would ever take a just a response say what will happen next but i i still as ukrainian not only as a russian citizen i believe that that national them of ukrainian people would prevail they would understand that. they will be in norway for them just to go
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ahead with a deal for a just. while spelling out universal where he was. and just the paving the way through to the european home if they would behave in such a ruthless and civilized manner these briefings you agree north through the fourth industrial world of. the european home but somewhere through the ages and this is something that most of the ukrainian lost in just one. political commentator. mr brown thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with us. thanks for having me and let's not discuss this is haitian in kiev with political commentator marcus adult phyllis marcus hello that so we saw multiple antigovernment protests across europe in twenty said scene and it's safe
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to say police used to have a hand why is the he's so concerned about the police actions in care. well ukraine really does appear to be on the brink and it's absolutely tragic what we're seeing it's appalling the level of footage which we are witnessing but i would just like to make it clear we have seen footage in the last twenty four hours of protesters setting five. why are the police officers or protesters set of protesters jumping on police officers and kolob in them with baseball bats and that's absolutely appalling that is not what we should see in a modern democratic society and i would expect american politicians and europe painful it is. these are not peaceful protesters and i think it's important to also clarify something about what was seen in ukraine it's not
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a matter of freedom versus tyranny if ukraine had no freedom there would be protesters on the streets in the first place we're seeing here is an attempt by the united states government to achieve a geo strategic objective and that is namely lou in ukraine into e.u. membership and into nato in order to complete. that the americans have been trying to place around russia since the breakup of the soviet union but it's very important and what we can see by looking at the map of europe from the politics states. all the way to the bottom of ukraine it's littered with a few states and nato states in fact it's the problem here at the moment with ukraine the opposition which consists of liberals and nationalists that are trying to oust the leadership in ukraine right now if they are to succeed are they ready to replace them actually and if yes. who can step
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a. well i don't think we should be even having that discussion about if the opposition managed to overthrow the ukrainian government let's let's be clear about something the ukrainian government under president viktor yushchenko which was democratically elected in two thousand and ten that was recognized by the youth that was being recognized by the united states for example people have people in ukraine have the right to protest however they do not have the right to use violence because they happen to disagree with the course that person. has chosen in regard to the ukrainian economy that's not the way to mock works that is absolutely appalling and i think it sets a very danger. president into the. cove which as president has a mandate from the ukrainian people to to follow the path which best serves the
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ukrainian economy that with the european union or the customs union of russia kazakhstan umbrella groups so we should be really having a discussion about whether the protesters succeed it's a democratic democratically elected government if the same sort of violence was happening in london british politicians and british journalists would have no sympathy whatsoever with violent protesters who've made it very clear their objective is to refer to the ukrainian government like mark is a public political commentator light from london mr papadopoulos thank you very much indeed for all of your detailed explanations now. and also internationally is staying in there think of a violence in the ukrainian capital twenty four seven to keep you updated on the escalating crisis there and you can also keep up with what's happening there at r.t. dot com the news continues here. back
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on this month's show no posses complete without school shootings. and we learn about the next intil struve evolution this is the potential to save lives. knowing the update. we've got the future covered. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise others to do so. i will never do harm to the. doctors of the dogs.
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after three years of. the death toll of over one hundred. see and common sense come together with one message. war is not the answer. does chance. alone welcome to crossfire all things are considered on people of the interim agreement with iran is now in effect what are its prospects for all sides honestly committed to resolving the whole spectrum of issues that have separated washington around for decades can't israel and its congressional allies specifically the senate kill the deal and if for some miraculous reason all sides agree to keep to
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the agreement what can we expect next. to cross talk the interim agreement with iran i'm joined by my guest richard why. in washington he is a senior fellow and director of the center for political military analysis at the hudson institute and in new york we cross to urban abrahamian he is an author and a distinguished professor of history at the city university of new york all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it richard if i go to you first the interim agreement with the international community in iran is in effect this week here there was a lot of discussion coming out of the u.s. senate to me there obviously lobbyist groups in washington that were putting casting aspersions that say on the interim agreement but it's in effect and the i.a.e.a. said already that iran is committed to this it's already done what it's.


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